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Virginia Defense Force conducts statewide readiness exercise
October 25, 2021

Virginia National Guard officer assumes post in Colombia
September 27, 2021

91st Cyber Brigade Soldiers earn Ranger tab
September 10, 2021

Wisconsin Guard cyber team serving 1st federal deployment
September 7, 2021

Virginia Guard helps with flood response in Buchanan County
September 1, 2021

91st Cyber Brigade participates in Cyber Shield 21
August 13, 2021

Virginia National Guard ends COVID response mission
August 3, 2021

Virginia Guard Soldiers train on military funeral honors
August 2, 2021

Updated electronic warfare course resumes at Camp Buehring
July 26, 2021

VNG builds partnerships at Regional Cooperation 21
July 19, 2021

Virginia 180th Engineers head to Louisiana for JRTC rotation
July 16, 2021

Virginia Guard aviation crews train on rooftop rescue hoists
July 6, 2021

116th IBCT Soldiers train on new recoilless rifle system
June 21, 2021

Iowa, Virginia, W.Va. aviation Soldiers train in Pennsylvania
June 21, 2021

Virginia National Guard tests hurricane response tools
June 4, 2021

VNG adapts to changing COVID-19 support missions
May 25, 2021

Virginia Guard supports community vaccination clinic
April 23, 2021

Virginia National Guard provides mobile vaccination teams
March 29, 2021

‘Buddy Aid’ training takes new approach to sexual assault
March 24, 2021

VNG Soldiers, Airmen engaged in COVID-19 vaccinations
March 1, 2021