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National Guard infantry units support East Africa mission
January 14, 2022

Washington National Guardsmen prepare to deploy to Poland
January 13, 2022

Task Force Phoenix ends 9-month mission in Middle East
January 10, 2022

Nebraska Guard helps restore Djibouti village water supply
January 7, 2022

National Guard Soldiers provide security, partnerships in Horn of Africa
December 29, 2021

Vermont Army Guard hosts mountain warfare course in Djibouti
December 21, 2021

Nebraska Air Guard participates in Ample Strike exercise
December 13, 2021

Minnesota Air Guard Airmen support Al Dhafra operations
December 10, 2021

NY Air Guard crews from Long Island train in Greenland
December 9, 2021

107th midway through Atlantic Resolve NATO deployment
December 8, 2021