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TRICARE Benefits in the Army National Guard

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As a service member of the Army National Guard, you are familiar with the complex and multifaceted nature of the National Guard mission. Balancing both federal and state responsibilities can often bring about rapid changes in your service status, affecting your TRICARE benefits in various ways. The Soldier Journey quick reference guide is crafted precisely to help you and your dependents navigate these transitions seamlessly.
Why Choose Soldier Journey
  • Tailored for the Army National Guard: Understanding the unique operational rhythm of the Army National Guard, Soldier Journey provides specific guidance that caters to the different statuses a National Guard soldier might encounter.
  • Dynamic Updates: Stay abreast of the most recent TRICARE policy alterations with real-time updates, reflecting the current landscape of Army National Guard services.
  • Comprehensive FAQ: Gain easy access to a wealth of answers pertaining to the Army National Guard TRICARE benefits, compiled through expert knowledge and firsthand experiences.

Step-by-Step Guides: Find detailed walkthroughs for every process, explaining how benefits adapt to changes in your service status within the National Guard’s unique mission framework.

Resource Library: Locate vital resources quickly with our organized library, housing all necessary documents, forms, and guidelines to help you manage your benefits proficiently.


Supporting Readiness Programs: Enhance your readiness and that of your unit through targeted guidance that helps maintain a robust understanding of TRICARE benefits.

Proactive Management: Equip yourself with the tools to manage your TRICARE portfolio proactively, keeping all affairs current and well-organized, in sync with the dynamic National Guard mission.

Who Can Benefit

National Guard Soldiers: Whether at the onset of your service or as a veteran guardsman, find guidance calibrated to the diverse scenarios unique to the Army National Guard mission.

Dependents: Support your family with a guide that helps them understand and efficiently leverage the benefits afforded to them.


"Soldier Journey has been a linchpin in my successful navigation through the ever-changing policy landscape, a true companion in my Army National Guard journey."
- A Dedicated Guardsman

"It is an essential tool that has fostered readiness and coherence in our unit, simplifying complex procedures inherent to our unique mission."
- ARNG Unit Leader

Get Started

Embark on a journey of ease and understanding in managing your TRICARE benefits as a part of the Army National Guard. Soldier Journey stands as your reliable companion, simplifying the intricate landscape you navigate daily.


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