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Community Engagement

The National Guard Bureau Community Engagement Branch welcomes the opportunity to connect our communities with the mission and capabilities of the Army and Air National Guard. We are pleased to offer the resources for the American public to request flyovers, parachute demonstrations, military bands, color/honor guards, exhibit displays and speakers.

Aviation Requests

The National Guard offers aviation support such as: flyovers, static displays, and parachute demonstrations to eligible events from air shows to professional sporting events.

In order to request an aircraft flyover, aircraft static display or a parachute demonstration, you must thoroughly complete a DD Form 2535. You must have the form:

• Completed and signed by the sponsoring organization
• Certified (and signed) by the event site owner
• Approved by the local Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flight Standards District Office (FSDO)
• Submit the form per the instructions below

Requests should be completed, signed, approved by the FAA and submitted per the instructions below at least 90 days and no later than 30 days in advance of the event. Incomplete forms and requests will not be considered. The Air Force and Army determine whether the event is eligible for support.

FAA coordination is required prior to submission
FAA approval must be obtained for all U.S. aerial events except aircraft static displays before submitting your request. Find your area FAA FSDO's address in your local white pages under Government or via the Federal Aviation Administration.

Submitting your request
Requests for Air National Guard assets should be submitted directly to the Air Force via Air Force Aerial Events. Requests for Army National Guard assets should be submitted to your State Public Affairs Office. Requests should be submitted at least 90 days and no later than 30 days prior to the scheduled event.

Securing aviation assets after receiving approval
It is the requestor's responsibility to coordinate actual participation of National Guard flying units once your event has been determined eligible for support. Please contact your State Public Affairs Office to determine whether units are available to support your event after your event has been approved.

Things to keep in mind
Aircraft participation is at no additional cost to the U.S. Government and on a non-interference basis with Department of Defense missions. Therefore, military contingencies and training requirements may preclude event participation at the last minute.
Additionally, patriotic events that are free and open to the public and those events designed to enhance Armed Forces recruiting and retention efforts have a higher likelihood of being approved by the Department of Defense. If your event falls within both or either of these categories please state so on your DD Form 2535 with a detailed explanation.


Aviation support or participation may be cancelled by the U.S. Government without notice.


Military Bands and Color/Honor Guards

A variety of musical resources are available from large ceremonial bands to smaller ensembles to marching bands.

Musical support includes, but is not limited to, parades, concerts, choral presentations, patriotic openers or presentations, and other events where a band or band detachment or component performs.

There are more than 49 Army National Guard and five Air National Guard bands within the 54 states and territories and the District of Columbia so chances are that there is a band in your community.



Speakers' Bureau

The National Guard Speakers Bureau offers the general public the opportunity to hear a Citizen-Soldier or Citizen-Airman speak about their personal experience of proudly serving in the National Guard. Speakers from every zip code in America can speak on a wide range of subjects to include National Guard missions, capabilities, diversity, history, and organizational culture.

The National Guard has speakers from the Army and Air National Guard with diverse backgrounds and expertise serving and living in nearly every zip code in America. The goal of the Speakers Bureau is to inform our Citizens about the state, federal, and global missions of your National Guard as a whole and the specific capabilities your National Guard as the first military responder during emergencies uses to assist civil authorities to protect life and property in the homeland.

For each speaking request, please provide:

  • Name of organization
  • Name, address, e-mail, phone number of organization's contact person
  • Time and place
  • Speaker(s) and/or topic(s) desired
  • Audience


Exhibit Program

The exhibit's mission is to educate general audiences, target partner agencies and key decision makers by providing accurate information regarding the National Guard's capabilities and missions.

The exhibit is used at major trade shows and conferences and is deployable to all 54 states and territories. Staffed with National Guard personnel and informative fact sheets, the exhibit provides the opportunity to educate and inform thousands of potential conference attendees.

By networking with representatives of organizations, agencies and private businesses and exploring possible areas of mutual interests, the exhibit offers opportunities to develop important relationships. By connecting with first responders, security officials and key decision makers, National Guard Bureau Public Affairs representatives showcase the National Guard's important role and responsibilities to organizations committed to the security and defense of our nation here and abroad.

Contact National Guard Bureau Public Affairs to recommend events that would be beneficial for the National Guard Exhibit to support.