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Mr. Keith Buchholz – NGB Comptroller

The National Guard is a leader and proponent of modernizing our nation’s security and domestic response capabilities. The Guard has always accomplished more with less through creative solutions, resource sharing and problem-solving strategies implemented at the unit and State level. I am honored to serve as the NGB-Comptroller aligning these efforts across the National Guard enterprise.

Creative solutions to every day and challenging problems start at the unit level.  It is our Soldiers and Airmen that first encounter the issues needing a new approach. As a result, NGB modernization is very much a “bottom-up” effort with strong “top-down” support.

General Daniel Hokanson, the Chief of NGB (CNGB), built modernization and reform into this strategic plan for the National Guard. My focus is to assist NGB leaders and State Joint Force Headquarters to implement and enhance CNGB’s vision. By empowering leaders with knowledge and how to access capabilities, they can implement their service members ideas that drive positive change. Then NGB can capture and share these new enhancements across the force.

Communication with leaders and service members is vital to the success of our efforts. We have a monthly senior leader forum, including Assistant Adjutant General and NGB Directors, called the Innovation Leaders Group. These leaders utilize the forum to share best practices and coordinate with their neighbor states and NGB.  My team also facilitates a bi-monthly forum with field grade officers and senior non-commissioned officers called the Innovation Roundup. In these leadership discussions we facilitate positive changes and solutions throughout the Guard.

I am honored to serve each of you, and excited about the opportunities for success. Thanks for your time, and I look forward to working with the community.

Mr. Keith E. Buchholz, NGB J8 Programs and Resources/Comptroller
Mr. Keith E. Buchholz, NGB Comptroller