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Vermont Guardsman receives Soldier’s Medal for 2020 rescue
June 23, 2021

Georgia Guard Soldier returns to Africa for African Lion 21
June 21, 2021

Michigan Air Guard couple from Zambia become U.S. citizens
June 14, 2021

He joined for the benefits and is now an Olympic hopeful
June 11, 2021

Nevada Air Guard’s ‘Baby Doc’ a leader in pandemic battle
June 9, 2021

Illinois Soldier joins 38th ID from aligned-for-training unit
June 8, 2021

Alaska Air National Guardsman excels in marksmanship
June 8, 2021

Alaska National Guard Olympic hopeful 'breakin' barriers
June 8, 2021

VTNG Soldier completes French desert commando course
June 4, 2021

Michigan Air Guard member follows path to England
June 1, 2021