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About the Guard

The National Guard is the primary combat reserve of the Army and Air Force, seamlessly providing enduring, rotational, surge and follow-on forces to the Joint Force to fight and win the nation’s wars and defend the homeland. Unique to the National Guard is our ability to apply the personnel, training and equipment for our wartime missions and our state responses in the homeland. When disaster strikes in the homeland, the National Guard stands ready to deploy and serve at a moment’s notice to protect life and property in our communities. Through 89 State Partnership Program partnerships, the National Guard engages with 106 partner nations, 54% of the world’s countries, ensuring the Department of Defense has capable, trusted and interoperable partners at our side — a key element of the National Defense Strategy. The unique nature and capabilities of the National Guard make it critical to both U.S. national security and global stability. We don’t just celebrate history — through our distinctive position, our abilities and our partnerships, we write it. Actively serving throughout the 54 states, territories, the District of Columbia and across the globe, the National Guard is Always Ready, Always There.


National Guard Bureau

The chief of the National Guard and the National Guard Bureau ensure proper training, equipping and manning of the Army and Air National Guard so they can perform their missions as the primary combat reserve of the Army and the Air Force to fight and win the nation’s wars, protect the homeland and assist communities in times of natural or human-caused disaster.

Recruiting Information

Army National Guard
1-800 GO-GUARD (464-8273)

Air National Guard
1-800 TO-GO-ANG (864-6264)