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Cal Guard’s 746 CSSB Hands off Mission to Colorado’s 68 DSSB
November 25, 2022

New York Air Guardsman Completes Brazil Jungle Training
November 22, 2022

Virginia National Guard’s 116th IBCT HQ Ends Kosovo Mission
November 18, 2022

Illinois Guard Hands off Africa Mission to Wisconsin Guard
November 16, 2022

Georgia National Guard Builds Relationships in Colombia
November 14, 2022

OKNG Special Operations Wing Supports First Red Dragon Live-fire
November 10, 2022

Planners Shape Justified Accord 23 African Military Exercise
November 9, 2022

New York Guard Assumes Kuwait Mission from Texas Guard
November 7, 2022

New York Army National Guard Soldiers Headed to Africa
November 7, 2022

Pennsylvania Guard Hosts Lithuanian Leaders for Cyber Talks
November 1, 2022