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Archive: 2011

National Guard, Botswana Defence Force share military intelligence practices
December 13, 2011

Illinois National Guard to train with Polish army, preparing for 2012 deployment together
December 12, 2011

Kentucky National Guard shows aviation facility, flight operations with Ecuadorian Army Air Group
December 9, 2011

Maryland National Guard first to assign liaison officer for State Partnership Program
December 9, 2011

Missouri Guard, Panama sign historic agreement
December 6, 2011

Alaska, Mongolia State Partnership Program medal designated, retroactively awarded
December 6, 2011

Virginia Guard medical professionals conduct medical information exchange in Tajikistan
November 29, 2011

Iowa National Guard brings senior noncommissioned officer training to Kosovo
November 23, 2011

Tajik Ministry of Defense, Virginia Guard look to future
November 21, 2011

Alaska National Guard SPP with Mongolia uniquely positive
October 28, 2011