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Archive: 2016

Azerbaijan ambassador visits Oklahoma; looks to strengthen partnerships
November 18, 2016

South Carolina National Guard strengthens State Partnership Program while fighting wildfires
November 18, 2016

Georgia National Guard announces State Partnership with Argentina
November 10, 2016

New York National Guard hosts U.S.-South African exercise planning session
October 27, 2016

Pennsylvania National Guard advances state partnership with Lithuania
October 27, 2016

Alaska National Guard teams up with Mongolian forces for Disaster Management Leadership Seminar
October 12, 2016

Puerto Rico's adjutant general visits Dominican Republic under State Partnership Program
October 5, 2016

Iowa National Guard strengthens bonds with Kosovo
October 5, 2016

Texas Air Guard pairs with Chilean Air Force for humanitarian mission
September 23, 2016

South Carolina National Guard shares importance of reserve force with Colombian leaders
August 25, 2016