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Category: Overseas Operations

N.C. Guard engineers work with Botswana Defense Forces
July 17, 2019

Pa. Army Guard Soldiers join in North Macedonian exercise
July 11, 2019

Guard units join Army and Hungarian forces in exercise
July 11, 2019

WVARNG conducts knowledge exchange with Peru's army, police
July 10, 2019

Air National Guard supports airlift operations in Kuwait
July 8, 2019

Connecticut National Guard strengthens alliance with Uruguay
July 5, 2019

W.Va. Special Forces train with Polish and Latvian forces
July 3, 2019

Colorado and Jordan share leadership development
July 3, 2019

Ohio Guard field artillery units train with Hungary partners
July 2, 2019

Building interoperability at Breakthrough 2019
June 27, 2019