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Archive: 2017

Ohio Guard participates in joint medical training in Angola
December 8, 2017

W. Va. Guard shows domestic response capability to Peruvians
December 7, 2017

Maine partnership promotes learning with Montenegro
November 22, 2017

Emergency response drills affirm Michigan-Latvia partnership
November 22, 2017

Kentucky National Guard visits Djibouti for partners program
November 21, 2017

South Carolina Guard, Colombian army hold artillery exchange
November 20, 2017

Guatemalan forces benefit from 225th Air Defense Squadron expertise
October 23, 2017

Ohio National Guard works with Serbian partners during Cyber Tesla 2017 exercise
October 13, 2017

Combat Aviation Brigade builds partnerships with Jordanian aviators
October 5, 2017

Kentucky Infantrymen swap knowledge with counterparts in partner nation Djibouti
October 4, 2017