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Archive: July, 2006

Ohio National Guard Celebrates Birthday
July 31, 2006

Guard troops, commanders test exportable training system
July 28, 2006

Guard boosts Border Patrol presence at border hotspot
July 27, 2006

California Guard members at home on Border Patrol's range
July 26, 2006

ARPC conducts muster
July 25, 2006

DoD Announces Certification for WMD-CST Teams in Four States
July 25, 2006

Air National Guard Ready, Relevant Force, Director Says
July 24, 2006

Guard, Reserve Members Relate Insights, Experiences
July 24, 2006

Guard Bureau chief praises NAACP for making National Guard better
July 21, 2006

West Virginia Air Guard unit jump starts medical care
July 20, 2006

52nd WMD
July 19, 2006

Guard members bring civilian skills to Jump Start
July 18, 2006

National Guard ahead of schedule for Operation Jump Start
July 17, 2006

Blum: Army Guard Enjoying Big Recruiting Successes
July 14, 2006

National Guard, Border Patrol working as a team
July 12, 2006

National Guard Bureau chief to address NAACP convention
July 11, 2006

Servicemembers Achieve American Citizenship in Iraq
July 4, 2006

Pace Thanks Troops, Families in Independence Day Interviews
July 4, 2006

America Supports You: Florida Moms Help 'Cell Phones for Soldiers'
July 3, 2006

America Supports You: Baseball's Nationals Honor Armed Forces
July 3, 2006