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Virginia National Guard Conducts CBRN Exchange in Tajikistan
January 13, 2023

Guard Saved Lives, Property, Responding to 2022 Disasters
December 28, 2022

Guard Continues Domestic, Global Missions in a Busy 2022
December 21, 2022

Virginia National Guard’s 116th IBCT HQ Ends Kosovo Mission
November 18, 2022

MTC Range Ops Staff Keeps Fort Pickett Humming
November 16, 2022

Virginia Guard, Partners Conduct Cyber Exercise
October 24, 2022

Virginia Guard Aviation Battalion Ends Kosovo Mission
October 21, 2022

Virginia National Guard Prepared for Possible Severe Weather
October 3, 2022

Virginia National Guard Prepared for Hurricane Response
September 30, 2022

Virginia, Kentucky Guard Soldiers end Africa Mission
September 23, 2022

Virginia Guard Red Dragons Earn Their Spurs in Kenya
September 12, 2022

Virginia, Massachusetts Guard Support Free Clinic in Georgia
September 9, 2022

National Guard Trains with Partner Nations in Tajikistan
August 29, 2022

Fort Pickett Hosts Guard Chief for Weapons Qualification
August 26, 2022

Virginia Guard Aviators Lead Kosovo Aerial Firefighting Success
August 19, 2022

Task Force Red Dragon Soldiers Help Crash Victims in Kenya
August 2, 2022

Virginia National Guard’s 3647th Supports New Jersey Guard
July 29, 2022

Guard Soldiers Train in Military Funeral Honors Program
July 15, 2022

Virginia National Guard Soldiers Train in Iowa
July 5, 2022

Virginia Guard Returns From Federal Active Duty in Iraq, Kuwait
July 1, 2022