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Kentucky Guard ramps up COVID vaccinations for troops
October 21, 2021

Georgia National Guard continues to serve state and nation
October 13, 2021

COVID response prompts 1st Idaho Guard dual-status commander
October 5, 2021

Vermont National Guard supports medical warehouse
September 17, 2021

Kentucky Air Guard augments hospital workers battling COVID
September 16, 2021

Oregon Guard Airmen support Oregon hospitals
September 2, 2021

Tennessee National Guard increases COVID hospital support
August 27, 2021

Georgia National Guard deployed to hospitals
August 26, 2021

Tennessee National Guard boosts COVID support to hospitals
August 23, 2021

Kentucky Guard vaccination team supports Health Department
August 20, 2021

Virginia National Guard ends COVID response mission
August 3, 2021

VTNG supports COVID response from strategic stockpile
July 14, 2021

Tennessee Guardsman uses medic skills during COVID mission
July 14, 2021

New York National Guard closing down mass vaccination site
July 12, 2021

Oregon Guard dual status commander leads vaccination clinic
July 9, 2021

Georgia Guard helps vaccinate tens of thousands of Georgians
July 7, 2021

Pennsylvania National Guard vaccination mission ends
July 1, 2021

New York Army Guard Twins serve together on COVID-19 mission
June 30, 2021

Nevada National Guard continues vaccinations all summer
June 29, 2021

Nevada National Guard enters final stages of COVID battle
June 16, 2021