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Archive: March, 2018

Indiana Guard trains in Toxic Lance with Slovakian partners
March 29, 2018
Indiana Guard trains with Slovakian partners

Kentucky Guard shares medical expertise with Djibouti
March 29, 2018
Kentucky medical team shares knowledge in Djibouti

Puerto Rico Guard, Honduran leaders explore tsunami response
March 23, 2018
Aftermath of Hurricane Maria

Vermont National Guard medical personnel work in Senegal
March 20, 2018
Vermont Guard members obtain medical experience in Senegal

Michigan and Latvian forces partner in active-shooter drill
March 19, 2018
Active-shooter drill in Michigan

Michigan HAZMAT training grows compatibility between nations
March 15, 2018
Michigan conducts HAZMAT training

Texas Guardsmen cultivate partnerships through competition
March 6, 2018
Texas hosts competition