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State Partnership Program News

West Virginia Guard joins with Peruvian partners in training
September 20, 2018

Royal Thai Armed Forces leaders visit Washington for SPP
September 14, 2018

Indiana National Guard boosts partnership with Niger
September 12, 2018

25-year partnership boosts more than relationships for NEANG
September 10, 2018

South Carolina Guard discusses legal system with Colombians
September 6, 2018

New Hampshire Airman lends Spanish skills in El Salvador
August 31, 2018

HIANG brings high level air defense expertise to Philippines
August 29, 2018

Kentucky Guard members share training practices with Djibouti
August 24, 2018

W. Va. Guard hosts Peruvian senior enlisted leaders
August 20, 2018

Moldovan and North Carolina Guard Soldiers become one team
August 16, 2018