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Alabama National Guard, Romania strengthen SPP ties
May 27, 2022

Solar project begins on Los Alamitos joint base
May 24, 2022

Army and Air Guard members compete in fitness contest
April 13, 2022

Hokanson: State Partnership Program critical to national security
April 12, 2022

Ukraine-California ties show worth of National Guard program
March 21, 2022

Cal Guard Soldier helps family evacuated from Ukraine
March 11, 2022

Soldiers, Airmen compete to make All Guard Endurance Team
January 20, 2022

Washington National Guardsmen prepare to deploy to Poland
January 13, 2022

Task Force Phoenix ends 9-month mission in Middle East
January 10, 2022

Year in Review: National Guard delivered at home and abroad
December 22, 2021

Cal Guard CSTs boost teamwork in multi-agency exercise
December 16, 2021

DOD fielding 5G communications to California 1st responders
November 2, 2021

New York Guard hosts biological, chemical dispersal drill
October 26, 2021

Task Force Phoenix CEMA cell counters unmanned aerial systems
October 19, 2021

Army National Guard tackles modernization challenges
October 19, 2021

163d Airmen train on readiness in Exercise Grizzly Lightning
October 4, 2021

Sword fighting as 'strategy in blink of an eye'
September 30, 2021

All Guard Combat team named marksmanship champions
September 13, 2021

Cal Guard fighting wildfires across the state
September 8, 2021

Guard fights wildfires, responds to Ida, serves overseas
September 7, 2021