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Idaho, California, Oregon, Nevada CST units train together
February 16, 2021

Blue and Green keep Camp Roberts ASP operational
February 4, 2021

Morale efforts sustain Guard members during DC mission
February 4, 2021

Army Guard ad campaign recruits ‘next greatest generation’
January 27, 2021

Cal National Guard Soldiers assist car accident victims
January 27, 2021

Cal Guard medical team supports COVID-19 nursing facility
January 11, 2021

Colorado, California National Guard win sniper championships
December 14, 2020

Army Guard: warfight capable and responsive to governors
October 17, 2020

Wisconsin Guard 'Badgers' help fight California fires
October 2, 2020

Nevada Air Guard continues firefighting mission
October 2, 2020

Cal Guard's 79th IBCT unites with Puerto Rico-based unit
September 24, 2020

40th ID conducts joint ops in Pacific from San Luis Obispo
September 15, 2020

Wisconsin National Guard helps battle California wildfires
September 14, 2020

Rescues and wildfires: National Guard responds on West Coast
September 4, 2020

Fresno Guard members help fight California wildfires
September 4, 2020

California National Guard prepares to go green
September 2, 2020

Cal Guard conducts exercise during real-world challenges
August 31, 2020

Cal Guard Soldiers receive CAL FIRE training at Camp Roberts
August 27, 2020

National Guard helps fight California wildfires
August 24, 2020

Nevada Air Guard helping to battle California wildfires
August 24, 2020