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Pennsylvania Guard leaders meet with Lithuanian partners
December 15, 2021

New York, South African leaders reinvigorate partnership
December 14, 2021

Lithuanian cyber defense leader visits 111th Attack Wing
December 10, 2021

SD National Guard, Suriname leaders reinforce partnership
December 6, 2021

Tennessee National Guard, Bulgaria strengthen relationship
December 2, 2021

Iowa National Guard, Kosovo celebrate long partnership
December 1, 2021

Polish Land Forces attend Idaho National Guard tank training
November 24, 2021

US, Malaysia conclude exercise interrupted by pandemic
November 23, 2021

Minnesota National Guard, Croatia strengthen 25-year ties
November 19, 2021

Washington Guard, Malaysia renew face-to-face partnership
November 18, 2021

US, South African Soldiers strengthen partnership
November 18, 2021

Guard partnership program adapts, continues to grow
November 15, 2021

National Guard leader to Croatia president: 'Thank you for quarter-century partnership'
November 12, 2021

Thriving: Tennessee, Bulgaria partnership nears 30th anniversary
November 12, 2021

Maine Airman helps strengthen Montenegro partnership
November 8, 2021

Oregon Guard, partner Bangladesh focus on disaster response
November 4, 2021

Iowa National Guard to mark long partnership with Kosovo
November 3, 2021

State Partnership Program helps Guard build relationships
October 26, 2021

Wisconsin Guard, Papua New Guinea strengthen partnership
October 21, 2021

Indiana Guard helps Niger military address mental health
October 19, 2021