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Malawi Defense Force JAG visits Kentucky National Guard
May 17, 2022

MING conducts public affairs workshop with Latvia, Liberia
May 12, 2022

NC Guard Hosts Africa Military Law Forum Advisory Council
May 12, 2022

Vermont Army Guard to support Swift Response exercise
May 6, 2022

Missouri National Guard, SPP partner Panama conduct SMEE
May 6, 2022

Michigan team saves a life while mentoring Liberian partners
May 3, 2022

Wisconsin Guard develops partnership with Papua New Guinea
April 27, 2022

Kentucky Guard hosts senior leader engagement with Ecuador
April 27, 2022

Texas Guard Airmen strengthen SPP partnership with Chile
April 18, 2022

Hokanson: State Partnership Program critical to national security
April 12, 2022

Kentucky, New Jersey Guard aid Ecuador demining operation
April 12, 2022

SPP partner Niger, 138th Regiment complete training
April 11, 2022

Oklahoma National Guard, Azerbaijan hold SPP exchange
April 8, 2022

183d Wing cuts ribbon on joint cyber range
April 7, 2022

Vermont Guard, Senegalese Air Force conduct aviation exchange
March 31, 2022

Oregon Guard supports Bangladesh Tiger Lightning 22 exercise
March 30, 2022

Common goals strengthen MING-Latvia-Liberia relationship
March 29, 2022

Guard incorporates women, peace and security initiatives
March 28, 2022

Florida Guard exchanges expertise with Guyana Defense Force
March 25, 2022

Washington Guard, Thailand celebrate 20-year partnership
March 23, 2022