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37th IBCT, Hungarian Defence Forces train together
August 6, 2021

Texas, Egypt, Israel commemorate 40 years of peace
August 4, 2021

Michigan National Guard, Liberia strengthen SPP partnership
July 30, 2021

Aviation exchange marks return of in-person SPP engagement
July 27, 2021

Alaska Guard ends 18-year mission with state partner Mongolia
July 26, 2021

Vermont hosts SPP partner Senegal's national fire brigade
July 22, 2021

Tennessee Guard joins national cybersecurity exercise
July 20, 2021

VNG builds partnerships at Regional Cooperation 21
July 19, 2021

NYNG strengthens relationship with Israel's Home Front Command
July 1, 2021

Humanitarian efforts strengthen Utah-Morocco partnership
June 29, 2021

Colorado Air Guard medics, Slovenia exchange best practices
June 28, 2021

MDNG TAG renews in-person SPP ties to Bosnia and Herzegovina
June 28, 2021

Connecticut Guard, Uruguay continue 21-year partnership
June 24, 2021

West Virginia, Qatar formalize military partnership
June 21, 2021

African Lion: National Guard supports continent’s largest military exercise
June 20, 2021

Republic of Tunisia, Wyoming National Guard: More than a partnership
June 19, 2021

Wisconsin Guard, Papua New Guinea hold virtual workshop
June 17, 2021

Egypt joins Defense Department's National Guard State Partnership Program
June 15, 2021

Michigan National Guard, Latvia strengthen partnership
June 15, 2021

Almost 30 years on, Poland’s partnership with the National Guard thrives
June 12, 2021