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Archive: 2016

South Dakota National Guard celebrates 10 years of partnership with Suriname
June 27, 2016

TAG recognized for advancement of Asian American, Pacific Islander communities
June 23, 2016

West Virginia welcomes Peruvian MPs during State Partnership Program visit
June 23, 2016

Alabama Air National Guard hosts Romanian partners for F-16 sessions
June 15, 2016

Minnesota and Croatia celebrate 20 years of partnership
June 10, 2016

South Carolina National Guard hosts Colombian military law experts during exchange
June 3, 2016

Nevada coaches record number of agencies in Tonga on drug identification
May 26, 2016

New Mexico National Guard medics share knowledge with Costa Rican Coast Guard members
May 25, 2016

Georgia Air Guard engineers partner with Armenia to renovate elderly center
May 24, 2016

South Dakota Guard, Suriname military collaborate to protect environment, Soldiers
May 19, 2016