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Archive: 2012

Estonian air force pilots deploy with Maryland Army Guard aviation unit as part of SPP partnership
September 5, 2012

D.C. National Guard leaders meet with Jamaican Defense Force leadership, solidify SPP relationship
August 28, 2012

North Dakota National Guard concludes series of SPP engagements
August 24, 2012

Ohio National Guard engineers work with Serbian Armed Forces on school reconstruction project
August 21, 2012

State Partnership between Alaska, Mongolia strengthened through commonalities
August 20, 2012

New Hampshire Air Guard members participate in all-female law enforcement exchange with El Salvador
August 10, 2012

Guam National Guard members build on State Partnership with Philippines
August 7, 2012

District of Columbia Guard members celebrate history, partnership with Jamaica counterparts
July 23, 2012

National Guard, active duty medics work together to achieve common goals in Cambodia
July 19, 2012

Florida Army Guard's 13th Army Band assists Guyana partnership mission
July 17, 2012