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Kentucky Guard engineers conduct Djibouti SPP training
September 8, 2021

Nebraska, Czech Republic firefighters strengthen partnership
September 3, 2021

Florida Army Guard, Guyana SPP partners advocate for women
August 17, 2021

Michigan Guard partner Latvia trains at readiness center
August 13, 2021

37th IBCT, Hungarian Defence Forces train together
August 6, 2021

Texas, Egypt, Israel commemorate 40 years of peace
August 4, 2021

Michigan National Guard, Liberia strengthen SPP partnership
July 30, 2021

Georgia Guard partnership brings swift-water rescue to country of Georgia
July 29, 2021

Aviation exchange marks return of in-person SPP engagement
July 27, 2021

Alaska Guard ends 18-year mission with state partner Mongolia
July 26, 2021