ARNG 4.0: Focused Readiness
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Ready to Fight and Win

The Army National Guard is in an inflection point. As threats to the United States emerge, we must focus on our future safety and security.

Why do we need ARNG 4.0?
The need for a new framework in the ARNG is derived from three factors: 1) Emergent threats, 2) a smaller active component and 3) resource challenges—all of which place additional expectations on the ARNG.

How will ARNG 4.0 build readiness?
ARNG 4.0 builds on 16 years of experience as an operational reserve to build new programs and prioritize existing programs into cycles of focused readiness. The ARNG will allocate additional training days and resources to select units required in the early phases of any contingency. Simultaneously, a portion of the remaining force will increase their training activities at a slower rate to raise the aggregate readiness of the entire ARNG over time. ARNG 4.0 increases ARNG participation in Combat Training Center rotations at Fort Irwin and Fort Polk, warfighter staff exercises and Exportable Combat Training Center (xCTC) exercises. ARNG Combat Training Center rotations will increase from two to four in FY18 and xCTC rotations will increase from five to seven by FY19.

What does ARNG 4.0 look like?
ARNG 4.0 has varied effects on our units and Soldiers. For many of our ARNG Soldiers, the 39 training days a year commitment will remain the same. Selected high-priority units are slated to incrementally build readiness over a four year period. Over time, training days increase from 39 to as many as 63 days per year, focusing on collective training exercises. Units and states will have resources and flexibility to ensure they can meet their readiness objectives.

Opportunities for Soldiers
ARNG 4.0 emphasizes individual Soldier readiness through occupational and professional development opportunities. ARNG 4.0 offers increased opportunities for the kinds of tough, realistic training the Army depends upon. For many Soldiers, the opportunity to train at a Combat Training Center or deploy is a retention factor. ARNG 4.0's increased training time will not only directly prepare Soldiers for the missions they are needed for overseas, it will directly prepare them to respond to domestic crisis in their own communities.