ARNG 4.0: Focused Readiness
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Resources for Communities

Resources for Communities
The ARNG has been entrusted with the lives of America’s finest men and women. We are committed to living up to that trust through finding ways to provide the best possible preparation for the challenges our Soldiers face in combat and during response to natural disasters.

Support to Communities
When not in uniform, ARNG Soldiers are woven into the fabric of their communities in many diverse capacities. From teachers to firefighters, doctors to electricians, inside Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, they live, work and serve in their communities. Soldiers volunteer at churches, police departments and youth organizations, helping transform and improve lives. When called away for duty, their absence is felt not only by their employers and families, but by all the organizations and citizens they serve. That absence across the community will feel more sudden if our units have little-to-no notice before deploying. So it’s important to set realistic expectations now. The ARNG is launching an effort to educate stakeholders at all levels of government, in the news media, our academic institutions and in our civic organizations.

ARNG 4.0’s increased training time will not only directly prepare Soldiers for the missions they are needed for overseas, it will directly prepare them to respond to domestic crisis in their own communities. ARNG 4.0 resources will improve multi-use facilities, providing critical infrastructure during natural disasters and emergency response. Additionally, increased manning and full time support for urgent units will provide employment opportunities at the community level.