ARNG 4.0: Focused Readiness
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What is ARNG 4.0?
What is ARNG 4.0?
ARNG 4.0 is the force necessary to rise to the challenges of the 21st century and meet the requirements of the Total Army. With this shift, the ARNG will incrementally build focused readiness in certain units while retaining current readiness levels across the Army National Guard force. Because readiness is the Army’s top priority, ARNG 4.0 is designed to strengthen the contribution of the ARNG within the Army Total Force.
Why is ARNG 4.0 important?
ARNG 4.0 will prepare the Army National Guard to quickly and effectively meet the security challenges of the 21st century. It maximizes limited resources, prioritizes efforts and enhances readiness within the Total Army Force. ARNG 4.0 simultaneously increases the Army National Guard’s capabilities for homeland security and natural disaster response. A Warfighting-Capable ARNG is a Governor-Responsive ARNG.
Why do we need ARNG 4.0?
The threats demand it. Our security environment is complex, chaotic and uncertain. The Army increasingly requires the Army National Guard to complete its missions abroad. The Army National Guard must be prepared to fight and win whenever called upon. The “one weekend a month” mentality in the Army National Guard has shifted dramatically since the terrorist attacks of September 11th. ARNG 4.0 is a cultural mindset in how we balance training demands.
What does ARNG 4.0 mean?
The ARNG is at an inflection point. As we enter this new phase of the Army National Guard, we leverage incremental training towards a sustainable readiness model to focus unit resources towards the most urgent national security needs. The concept of ARNG 4.0 infers the force itself will change over time to meet ever changing requirements. We continue to adapt ARNG 4.0 by pursuing or maintaining the following:
  • Decreased mobilization timelines
  • Increased opportunity for professional development
  • Balanced force structure and increased manning in high-priority units
  • Top-notch training through challenging collective training exercises to prepare our Soldiers to fight, win and return home safely
  • Increased individual and collective training
Who will be affected by ARNG 4.0?
ARNG 4.0 will affect units differently depending on their mission and available training events. For many of our ARNG Soldiers, the 39 training days per year commitment will remain the same. Selected high priority units will be slated to incrementally increase readiness over a four-year period. Through the process, training days will build from 39 to as many as 63 days in a given year, focusing on collective training exercises. Units and states will have resources and flexibility to ensure they can meet their readiness objectives. The ARNG recognizes the commitment and sacrifice our family members, employers, and schools make to support the critical work their Soldiers do.


Message from LTG Timothy Kadavy

ARNG 4.0 Making a stronger and more ready Army National Guard.

What does ARNG 4.0 mean?

What does ARNG 4.0 mean?

Some priority Army National Guard units will increase their training schedules beyond the traditional one weekend per month and two weeks during the summer. Certain units will increase unit strength and   conduct additional combat training center rotations. 

Who will be affected by ARNG 4.0?

Selected ARNG units will increase their regular training schedules beyond the traditional 39 days per year. Improving and maintaining higher levels of combat readiness in these priority units requires more training time for certain Soldiers. For some Soldiers, ARNG 4.0 will require more time away from work, school and family. The ARNG recognizes the commitment and sacrifice our family members, employers, and schools make to support the critical work their Soldiers do.