ARNG 4.0: Focused Readiness
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Manpower and Equipment

Preparing Soldiers to be ready to fight and win overseas does not happen accidentally — the ARNG must equip them for the threats they face. Army National Guard 4.0 prepares the force with the facilities and equipment Soldiers need to respond rapidly to domestic crises and overseas threats.

Modern Facilities
ARNG 4.0 focuses efforts to modernize and update ARNG training facilities. Under the Budget Control Act of 2011, some maintenance and new construction was delayed, which has a cumulative effect over time. Over 47% of ARNG facilities were built more than 50 years ago. Deferred maintenance directly affects readiness and training. Examples include undersized facilities without space to properly store new equipment and vehicles, electrical systems that cannot support training simulators, and facilities that cannot support classroom training. Changes in demographics and population density led to geographic misalignment and excess facilities in areas without the population to support Guard units.

Full-time Support
ARNG units are supported by full-time Active Guard Reserve (AGR), military technician (federal civilian) and Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS) positions. The 2017 National Defense Authorization act end strength increase was not accompanied by a similar ratio of full-time support positions. Part-time end strength without full-time end strength creates hollowness in the force. Increased full-time support is essential in mobilizing units, maintaining equipment and providing high quality training during drill periods. ARNG has taken a reduction of more than 3,600 full-time support personnel in the past three years. The ARNG requires an additional 2,000 full-time support personnel to support ARNG 4.0 focused readiness and recruiting efforts. As an ex-ample, a typical ARNG company is authorized five full-time support personnel: one readiness specialist, one supply specialist, two administrative specialists and one training specialist. At current levels, this equates to two of those five positions left vacant.

Recruiting Support
Finding qualified Soldiers for the ARNG's approved end-strength increase requires excellent recruiters. Recruiters are one of the most critical shortages in full-time support. Of the required full-time support increase of 2,000, 441 of these personnel will be allocated to recruiting. ARNG recruiters are historically the most efficient, successful recruiters of any component and a very good value for the Army.

Equipment Modernization
The ARNG is seeking to acquire dual-use equipment that enables both our federal combat mission and state domestic operations mission such as vehicles, civil disturbance equipment and personal protection equipment. A top priority is modernization of ARNG high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles and joint light tactical vehicle fielding. Additionally, life-extension and procurement of ARNG ambulances remains a pressing area.