ARNG 4.0: Focused Readiness
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The ARNG understands that our Soldiers could not defend us abroad and protect us at home without the assurance that their civilian jobs are protected. Since 9/11, civilian employers have consistently underwritten Soldiers' service and the time it requires them to be away from their jobs. Under ARNG 4.0, employer support becomes even more critical as Soldiers’ schedules and training tempo may fluctuate. Establishing predictability for our Soldiers has always been—and will always be—the best method to ease their burdens when balancing work, family life and Army requirements.

Employer expectations
How long will my employee(s) be gone? When will they deploy overseas?
Their absence from work varies on a year-to-year basis depending upon the needs of the Department of Defense. Our force contains Soldiers with a diverse array of capabilities, professions, and skills including combat units, combat support and sustainment units. All of these specialties are needed in the opening phases of any future conflict. The Army's leadership - including the Army National Guard - is developing innovative means, processes and ways to provide our Soldiers the maximum amount of predictability, however, the threats of today simply do not allow for the same level of predictability seen in the past.

The Future of ARNG 4.0
Is this a permanent change?
ARNG 4.0 formally recognizes that many of our Soldiers have been training more than the traditional "one weekend a month" for over a decade. To help them balance work, Family life and Army requirements, personnel may be assigned to units with a faster, or slower, training tempo on an alternating basis. Offering this flexibility to Soldiers is the best way to mitigate stress.

Relief for employers
What can the government do to help?
The leadership of the Army National Guard understands that community support - especially from employers - is essential to the success of the ARNG 4.0. Defense Department programs like Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) promote cooperation and understanding between civilian employers and the National Guard and Reserve employees. National Guard leadership will work with policymakers to improve existing program such as ESGR and develop additional innovations to encourage and motivate employers to hire and retain Guardsmen. As an indispensable pillar of support for Soldiers, civilian employers must have the right tools to hire, grow, and maintain a strong workforce comprised of Citizen-Soldiers for the future.

Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve