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Minnesota Guard Soldier, NCO are regional Best Warriors
May 17, 2022

Wisconsin Guard, civilian partners practice crisis response
May 16, 2022

Wisconsin National Guard wraps up nursing care support
April 29, 2022

Wisconsin Guard develops partnership with Papua New Guinea
April 27, 2022

Groundbreaking Wisconsin National Guard leader retiring
March 22, 2022

Wisconsin squad leader training focuses on diversity, people
March 17, 2022

Wisconsin National Guard CST trains with first responders
March 16, 2022

Wisconsin Guard highlights 2-year COVID response mission
March 14, 2022

Papua New Guinea military leaders visit Wisconsin Guard
February 15, 2022

More Wisconsin Guard members work as nursing assistants
February 4, 2022

Wisconsin Guard conducts ‘Winter Strike’ forward observation
February 2, 2022

Wisconsin Guard medical unit returns from Mideast deployment
January 31, 2022

Wisconsin Guard trains in cold at Michigan’s Winter Strike
January 25, 2022

Minnesota National Guard fills gap amid COVID-19 surge
January 18, 2022

Wisconsin Guard aids hospitals, nursing homes with COVID
January 14, 2022

Challenge Academy prepares at-risk teens for new challenges
January 6, 2022

Wisconsin National Guard supports COVID testing, vaccination
December 20, 2021

VNG cyber protection battalion completes TF Echo mission
December 17, 2021

176th Cyber Protection Team completes mobilization
December 10, 2021

Planning conferences for Northern Strike 22 completed
November 29, 2021