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Archive: 2014

New York National Guard will help safeguard Times Square New Year's celebration
December 31, 2014

National Guard looks back on a busy 2014
December 31, 2014

Vigilant National Guard Airmen and Soldiers will help safeguard revelers in Las Vegas and New York
December 31, 2014

Alaska Air Guard members rescue hypothermic snowmobiler
December 30, 2014

After 13 years, Operation Enduring Freedom concludes in Afghanistan
December 29, 2014

New York National Guard provides military funeral services to 11,300 New York families in 2014
December 24, 2014

Utah National Guard Soldier breaking down barriers for women
December 22, 2014

D.C. Air National Guard wraps up exchange with Jamaican Defence Forces
December 22, 2014

On 25th anniversary of Panama invasion, South Carolina Guard members recall their roles
December 19, 2014

Army training keeps Soldiers resilient during holidays, all year
December 18, 2014