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Fighting wildfires almost year-round, Guard preps for more
May 26, 2022

Florida National Guard attacks wildfires from the air
March 9, 2022

Wisconsin Guard battling wildfires in West
September 8, 2021

Cal Guard fighting wildfires across the state
September 8, 2021

Guard fights wildfires, responds to Ida, serves overseas
September 7, 2021

Cal Guard MPs support CHP as Caldor Fire grows
September 3, 2021

Oregon Guard Airmen support Oregon hospitals
September 2, 2021

Wisconsin National Guard helps fight western wildfires
August 16, 2021

Pennsylvania Air National Guard helps fight West Coast fires
August 13, 2021

Oregon National Guard deploys to fight wildfires
August 13, 2021

Hokanson thanks Guard members supporting wildfire fight
July 22, 2021

Nebraska Army Guard helps contain wildfire
June 25, 2021

Alaska Army National Guard pilots get Red Card certification
June 11, 2021

Washington National Guard prepares for wildfire season
May 27, 2021

South Dakota National Guard battles fire from air, land
April 8, 2021

MAFFS tackle largest wildfires in California history
October 30, 2020

Strong partnerships help Kansas agencies respond to COVID-19
October 15, 2020

WADS Airman supports food banks, jobless, wildfire response
October 7, 2020

Wisconsin Guard 'Badgers' help fight California fires
October 2, 2020

Guard responds after wildfires hinder food bank operations
September 29, 2020