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FireGuard Program Enhances National Guard Wildfire-fighting
November 18, 2022

West Virginia Guard to Provide Aerial Firefighting Support
November 10, 2022

Oregon National Guard Responds to Rum Creek Fire
September 6, 2022

New York Army Guard Helps Battle Hudson Valley Fire
September 2, 2022

Virginia Guard Aviators Lead Kosovo Aerial Firefighting Success
August 19, 2022

Oklahoma National Guard Supports Wildland Firefighting
August 2, 2022

NY Air Guard 106th civil engineers train at Silver Flag
February 17, 2022

Connecticut Air Guard fire department trains with partners
January 25, 2022

VNG aviators practice firefighting skills before deployment
October 22, 2021

Cal Guard actively fights state’s wildfires
August 19, 2021

National Guard well-equipped to handle West Coast wildfires
August 2, 2021

Vermont hosts SPP partner Senegal's national fire brigade
July 22, 2021

Nevada Air Guard activated to help fight fires in West
June 25, 2021

Pennsylvania helicopter crews practice using water buckets
May 26, 2021

NYNG, Forest Rangers train for helicopter firefighting
May 11, 2021

Partnerships forged during aerial firefighting training
May 7, 2021

Interagency training preps Cal Guard for aerial firefighting
May 5, 2021

NY National Guard helicopter crews train to fight fires
April 9, 2021

Montana National Guard partners with college for training
December 7, 2020

W.Va. Guardsman uses unique training to save neighbor's home
November 24, 2020