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Vermont Guardsmen reflect on Operation Allies Refuge
March 10, 2022

Afghan evacuee joins Indiana National Guard
March 4, 2022

New Jersey Air Guard supports Operation Allies Welcome
January 3, 2022

Year in Review: National Guard delivered at home and abroad
December 22, 2021

144th Fighter Wing Airmen return from OAW deployment
December 17, 2021

Alaska Airman embraces Operation Allies Welcome mission
December 13, 2021

29th Infantry Division moves 5,000 Afghans through Kuwait
November 5, 2021

Indiana National Guard supports Operation Allies Welcome
October 28, 2021

National Guard aids Afghan evacuees in Operation Allies Welcome
October 8, 2021

Operation Allies Welcome cultivates multicultural calling
October 5, 2021

New York National Guard Airman helps deliver Afghan baby
October 4, 2021

Washington Air Guard command chiefs serve Afghan guests
September 29, 2021

Indiana Guardsman serves as link between Americans, Afghans
September 23, 2021

National Guard teams up with active duty, reserve to support Operation Allies Welcome
September 21, 2021

Air Guard Airmen assist in emergency delivery of baby born to Afghan guest
September 20, 2021

Wisconsin National Guard supports Operation Allies Welcome
September 10, 2021

West Virginia Guard played pivotal role in Afghan evacuation
September 9, 2021

Afghan evacuees arrive in Indiana, head to Camp Atterbury
September 3, 2021

Afghan American Army Soldier supports Afghan evacuees
September 3, 2021

Kentucky Air Guard welcomes Afghan evacuees in Wisconsin
September 3, 2021