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Tag: Hurricane Ida

Louisiana Guard ‘Protects What Matters’ in challenging year
December 20, 2021

Ohio National Guard answers the call in Louisiana
October 25, 2021

National Guard neighbors help Louisiana rebuild after Ida
October 1, 2021

Louisiana Guard shoring up levee damaged by Hurricane Ida
September 29, 2021

La. Guard builds bridges, clears roads to recovery after Ida
September 24, 2021

Louisiana Guard continues to distribute supplies after Ida
September 23, 2021

Oklahoma Guard completes Hurricane Ida relief mission
September 17, 2021

Puerto Rico Guard helps Louisiana with Hurricane Ida relief
September 16, 2021

NJNG Soldiers rescued 9 motorists stranded by Ida flooding
September 15, 2021

Louisiana National Guard prepares for new storm
September 15, 2021

After Ida: La. Guardsmen assist with recovery, rebuilding
September 13, 2021

Alaska National Guard helps with Louisiana hurricane relief
September 9, 2021

Thank your troops, Louisiana leaders tell National Guard chief
September 7, 2021

Guard fights wildfires, responds to Ida, serves overseas
September 7, 2021

Oklahoma Guard distributing critical supplies to Louisianans
September 7, 2021

Florida Guard’s Red Horse engineers respond to Hurricane Ida
September 7, 2021

National Guard conducts multiple Hurricane Ida missions
September 7, 2021

Oklahoma Guard in Louisiana to help with hurricane relief
September 2, 2021

Georgia Guard to help Louisiana with hurricane relief
September 2, 2021

National Guard responds in force to Hurricane Ida
September 1, 2021