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NEWS | June 14, 2021

Cyclone Division Soldiers embrace warfight challenge

By 1st Lt. Tierra Fernanders, 38th Infantry Division Public Affairs

EDINBURGH, Ind. – The 38th Infantry Division Soldiers embraced Warfighter Exercise 21-5 and exceeded the standard.

The 38th ID Soldiers are many things, but the best word to describe them during this training year is adaptable. COVID-19 brought many challenges tje division embraced and overcame while maintaining a healthy, strong, resilient force.

The 38th ID, one of 18 U.S. Army divisions, participated in a warfighter training exercise June 10 with the active-duty 3rd ID and the National Guard's 35th ID. The division command provides operations in fires, maneuver, sustainment, and intelligence to maintain the necessary skill sets.

“The 38th Infantry Division must be ready to answer the call in the event of a natural disaster stateside or to defend of country from foreign enemies. A warfighter exercise is what prepares the 38th Infantry Division to answer those calls,” said Maj. Gen. Timothy Thombleson, commanding general.

Thombleson elaborated on what warfighter exercises meant to his staff and the Kansas National Guard's 35th ID staff.

"The Warfighter 21-5 exercise provides our 38th Infantry Division staff the opportunity to familiarize and grow in their warfighting roles by operating in a simulated, large-scale combat operation," said Thombleson. "The 38th Infantry Division works in parallel, and in conjunction, with their sister-division from the Kansas Army National Guard, who is this year’s main training audience."

Soldiers must retain their warfighting skills to ensure the unit can respond effectively when called to defend the United States.

“Warfighter is important because it is an opportunity to connect our Soldiers’ skills with the other intelligence and staff sections to deliver situational awareness and predictive analysis for the division,” said Staff Sgt. Ben Eager, an intelligence noncommissioned officer.

The importance of executing a warfighter is known and understood from the unit’s officers down through the noncommissioned officers and to junior enlisted Soldiers. All Soldiers of the Cyclone Division adapted and overcame the challenges of COVID-19 and the training exercise and exceeded the standard.

The unit incorporated safety and health procedures to ensure the health of Soldiers was not compromised while being able to effectively train and maintain the skills of members, who returned from deployment a short year ago.

The 38th Infantry Division, headquartered in Indianapolis and known as the Cyclone Division, remains postured to strengthen defense relationships and build partner capacity. Subordinate units in the 38th provide capabilities in infantry, aviation, logistics, force protection and information management.