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Indiana CSM gives his Legion of Merit to doctor
May 24, 2022

Active, Guard and Reserve Soldiers attend vehicle recovery course
May 20, 2022

Minnesota Guard Soldier, NCO are regional Best Warriors
May 17, 2022

SPP partner Niger, 138th Regiment complete training
April 11, 2022

Common goals strengthen Michigan National Guard-Latvia-Liberia relationship
March 29, 2022

181st IW, local partners conduct emergency response training
March 11, 2022

National Guard members compete to be ‘Best Warrior’
March 9, 2022

Afghan evacuee joins Indiana National Guard
March 4, 2022

VNG cyber protection battalion completes TF Echo mission
December 17, 2021

Indiana National Guard supports Operation Allies Welcome
October 28, 2021

Indiana Guard helps Niger military address mental health
October 19, 2021

Indiana Guard hosts Jaded Thunder joint exercise
October 4, 2021

Indiana Guardsman serves as link between Americans, Afghans
September 23, 2021

Afghan evacuees arrive in Indiana, head to Camp Atterbury
September 3, 2021

National Guard supports vulnerable Afghans at military bases
August 31, 2021

Indiana National Guard practices disaster response
August 16, 2021

Indiana Guard's 338th Quartermaster executes historic drop
June 21, 2021

Cyclone Division Soldiers embrace warfight challenge
June 14, 2021

Illinois Soldier joins 38th ID from aligned-for-training unit
June 8, 2021

NYNG troops participate in Indiana disaster response drill
May 3, 2021