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Lithuania’s Prime Minister Praises Pennsylvania Partnership
December 6, 2022

Pennsylvania Partnerships Highlighted for Defense Attachés
November 18, 2022

Pennsylvania Guard Hosts Lithuanian Leaders for Cyber Talks
November 1, 2022

Lithuanian Land Force Commander Visits Pennsylvania Guard
October 13, 2022

Lithuanian Liaison Meets with Pa. Air Guard Engineers
August 25, 2022

Pennsylvania Guard, SPP Partner Lithuania Join NATO Exercise
July 22, 2022

Leaders of Pennsylvania Guard, SPP Partner Lithuania Meet
July 6, 2022

Three Nations, One Goal: Continued Freedom
June 24, 2022

Pennsylvania National Guard Leaders Visit SPP Partner Lithuania
June 7, 2022

Pennsylvania Air Guard Leaders Visit SPP Partner Lithuania
June 1, 2022

Hokanson: State Partnership Program critical to national security
April 12, 2022

Pennsylvania Guard leaders meet with Lithuanian partners
December 15, 2021

Lithuanian cyber defense leader visits 111th Attack Wing
December 10, 2021

108th MCAS medics provide support at Lithuanian base
May 10, 2021

28th Infantry Division completes warfighter exercise
November 17, 2020

112th COS, Lithuania adapt with 1st remote SPP exercise
September 25, 2020