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National Guard Staged for Florida Hurricane Response
September 28, 2022

North Carolina National Guard Sponsors African Military Law Forum
September 8, 2022

Guard Soldiers Train in Military Funeral Honors Program
July 15, 2022

National Guard Coordinates Transport of German Satellite
June 22, 2022

Utah Field Artillery Brigade Leads XCTC Exercise in Idaho
June 15, 2022

National Guard Supports Armed Forces of Ukraine
June 8, 2022

New Air National Guard Exercise Tests Agility in Michigan
June 7, 2022

National Guard strengthens NATO readiness in Europe
June 1, 2022

WMD civil support teams train on land, sea, in air
May 23, 2022

North Carolina Guard Hosts Africa Military Law Forum Advisory Council
May 12, 2022

Helo-Aquatic Search and Rescue Team trains in North Carolina
April 29, 2022

NC Guard trains in Operation Sage Eagle in New Mexico
April 28, 2022

West Virginia, North Carolina Guard join cyber exercise
April 26, 2022

National Guard brigade takes on Army modernization mission
April 12, 2022

Alaska Army Guard conducts multiagency CBRNE exercise
March 28, 2022

National Guard works with partners on winter storm response
January 18, 2022

WWII Soldier identified and buried 77 years after his death
October 19, 2021

National Guard responds in force to Hurricane Ida
September 1, 2021

Disasters, COVID fail to stop Guard unit from deployment
July 23, 2021

Virginia National Guard tests hurricane response tools
June 4, 2021