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Hokanson Sees Nascent Austria-Vermont National Guard Partnership Expanding
January 24, 2024
Army Gen. Daniel Hokanson, chief, National Guard Bureau, speaks with Gen. Rudolf Striedinger, Austria’s chief of defense, and joint Austrian Armed Forces leaders at the Federal Ministry of Defence of Austria in Vienna Jan. 19, 2024. Austria and the Vermont National Guard are paired in the 100-nation Defense Department National Guard State Partnership Program.

Alabama Air Guard's 187th Fighter Wing Receives F-35 Jets
December 8, 2023
An F-35 Lightning II parked on the flight line at Dannelly Field Dec. 6, 2023. The 187th Fighter Wing received the first three F-35s from Luke AFB, Ariz., and will begin transitioning to their new mission.

F-35s Return to Kingsley Field
October 31, 2023
A U.S. Air Force F-35 Lightning II from Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, approches the runway at Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls, Oregon, Oct. 26, 2023. This is the third time the 56th Fighter Wing from Luke AFB spent two weeks in Oregon flying and training with the F-15s from the 173rd Fighter Wing, Oregon Air National Guard.