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NEWS | Aug. 9, 2006

Program to help bridge gap between civilian and military pay

By National Guard Bureau

WASHINGTON - The Reserve Income Replacement Program (RIRP), part of the 2006 National Defense Authorization Act, authorizes the Secretary of Defense to pay income replacement to eligible, involuntarily mobilized members of reserve components. It is hoped this program will reduce the financial stress placed on families when National Guard and Reserve members are called to involuntary active duty, causing a potential reduction in the monthly household earnings.

The program will pay eligible members an amount equal to the difference in pay between their total monthly military pay and their 12-month average civilian earned income if greater than $50 and up to a maximum of $3,000 per month. Unless extended in law, this authority will end December 2008.

National Guard and Reserve members with private sector income that exceeds their active duty income could be eligible for the income replacement payment for any full month following the date that the member completes the requisite eligibility service requirements.

The member must meet one of the following criteria:complete 18 continuous months of service on involuntary active duty orders; complete 24 months on

involuntary active duty during the previous 60 months; or serve on involuntary active duty for a period of 180 days or more which commenced within six

months or less following the member’s separation from a previous period of involuntary active duty for a period of 180 days or more.

Complete Defense Department policy guidance for RIRP, along with a total military compensation calculator, a downloadable eligibility verification form, and a link to Army RIRP implementation instructions can be found at http://www.defenselink.mil/ra/. Monthly payments for RIRP are expected to begin in September 2006.

National Guard service members must verify eligibility for this benefit through their unit administrator.For further information, Army National Guard Soldiers should contact their unit administrator or NGB-ARH at 703-607-5851 or e-mail ARMYG-1RIRPPOLICY@hqda.army.mil for any policy questions.