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NEWS | Aug. 27, 2019

Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands Guard units prepare for storm

By Puerto Rico National Guard

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Rains from Tropical Storm Dorian began pelting Caribbean islands Tuesday afternoon, as officials in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands closely monitored the situation. National Guard personnel prepared to assist civil authorities if needed.

"The Puerto Rico National Guard is closely watching the trajectory of this unpredictable storm and we have taken the necessary action in accordance with our contingency plans," said Maj. Gen. Jose J. Reyes, adjutant general of Puerto Rico, referring to the potential landfall of the storm.

"Throughout the past several months, we have conducted table-top exercises with municipality governments to provide support updating their emergency plans. We sincerely hope these plans will not have to be executed, but if necessary, we are ready,” said Reyes.

"We pray that this storm does not hit us directly, but it is very likely that is will pass close along the southern coast," Reyes said. "We ask our citizens to stay calm, not speculate on the possibilities, stay informed from official news sources, take necessary precautions and to know that the PRNG is vigilant and ready to assist them if necessary."

"The Puerto Rico National Guard has issued a warning order to its Engineer, Military Police, Transportation, Water Purification and Aviation units throughout the island, as well as Airmen assigned to Muñiz Air National Guard Base in Carolina. Special equipment was positioned in assigned areas throughout the island and the PRNG's Joint Operations Center is on alert, said Reyes.