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Georgia National Guard continues to serve state and nation
October 13, 2021

National Guard neighbors help Louisiana rebuild after Ida
October 1, 2021

Georgia Guard strengthens cyber capability at exercise
September 17, 2021

Georgia Guard to help Louisiana with hurricane relief
September 2, 2021

National Guard responds in force to Hurricane Ida
September 1, 2021

Georgia National Guard deployed to hospitals
August 26, 2021

Georgia Guard helps vaccinate tens of thousands of Georgians
July 7, 2021

African Lion: National Guard supports continent’s largest military exercise
June 20, 2021

Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, CST units train together
May 6, 2021

Georgia Air Guard vaccinates 3rd Infantry Division Soldiers
April 15, 2021

Georgia National Guard supports mass vaccination sites
February 23, 2021

Guard continues legacy with record inauguration support
January 21, 2021

Colorado, California National Guard win sniper championships
December 14, 2020

54th Security Forces Assistance Brigade advises US partners
December 9, 2020

Georgia Medical Detachment shifts to serve public need
November 19, 2020

Georgia National Guard trains company and platoon leaders
November 9, 2020

COVID-19 precautions helps keep Noble Partner 20 on track
September 11, 2020

Noble Partner 20 multinational exercise begins
September 8, 2020

Georgia National Guard to participate in Noble Partner 20
August 31, 2020

June 1950: The Georgia National Guard and the Korean War
June 23, 2020