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Tag: 40th Combat Aviation Brigade

Task Force Phoenix ends 9-month mission in Middle East
January 10, 2022

Task Force Phoenix hosts equal opportunity leader course
December 1, 2021

Cal Guard pilots honored in London for Creek Fire rescue
November 15, 2021

Task Force Phoenix CEMA cell counters unmanned aerial systems
October 19, 2021

Task Force Phoenix halfway through Middle East mission
October 4, 2021

COVID-19 adds intensity to Golf Company MEDEVAC mission
August 9, 2021

Updated electronic warfare course resumes at Camp Buehring
July 26, 2021

Alaska National Guard Olympic hopeful 'breakin' barriers
June 8, 2021

Task Force Phoenix rises again in the Middle East
May 19, 2021

28th ECAB officially released, completes Mideast mission
May 17, 2021

Soldiers shave their heads to support battle buddy's sister
May 11, 2021

Pennsylvania-California military ties date back to Civil War
May 11, 2021

Task Force Phoenix completes pre-deployment exercise
April 21, 2021

Task Force Phoenix trains at North Fort Hood for deployment
March 29, 2021