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Overseas Operations
North Carolina Guard twin Soldiers double down on deployment
April 17, 2020

Task Force Spartan works to protect Soldiers from COVID-19
April 13, 2020

NC National Guard sibling Soldiers reunite on deployment
April 10, 2020

KFOR RC-E commander delivers PPE to North and South Mitrovica
April 10, 2020

Alaska Army Guard’s 1-297th Infantry returns from Kosovo
April 7, 2020

Nebraska Airmen deploy overseas
April 2, 2020

38th Infantry Soldiers coming home
April 1, 2020

Air National Guard stays abreast of weather for 30th ABCT
March 27, 2020

Six nations join in cyberspace training exercise in Bangkok
March 6, 2020

Red Arrow Soldiers in Afghanistan build on legacy
March 6, 2020