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NEWS | April 10, 2007

Web-based service lets Airmen get out of line

By Tech. Sgt. Mike R. Smith National Guard Bureau

ARLINGTON, Va. - The Air National Guard is allowing its Airmen to get out of line.

That's a good thing. Air Guard members tired of waiting in line now have an alternative to waiting for customer service at their military personnel flights (MPF) or waiting in line during their unit's training weekends. They can use the internet.

To step out of line, Air Guard members now type the virtual Personnel Center (Vpc-GR) web-address into their computers:

"We want to get the message to all Airmen that this service is available and valuable to them," said Senior Master Sgt. Jeff Heeney, the Air Guard's vPC-GR superintendent.

How valuable? The vPC-GR offers the same service for 16 different MPF transactions (see sidebar). Transitions include active duty certificate (DD-214) requests, TRICARE requests and retirement records requests. Guard members can also correct or add to their awards and decorations. More services will be offered as they become available.

According to the Air Reserve Personnel Center, vPC-GR will transform the way it does business through increased online services. This includes 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week accessibility and contact centers.

Future trips to MPF may now take only a few clicks on the mouse and a few taps on the keyboard. It has to beat waiting in line.


The virtual Personnel Center Guard and Reserve, or vPC-GR, allows Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Airmen to access and correct records from any computer with Internet access. This secure Web site at enables members of the ARC access to many services 24 hours a day everyday.

vPC-GR transactions available online:

  • Requesting copy of a 20-Year Letter
  • Nominating Airmen for Awards and Decorations
  • Correcting Duty History
  • Correcting Retirement Points History
  • Accessing Current Retirement Points
  • Requesting Copy of DD Form 214
  • Requesting Copies of EPRs/OPRs
  • Requesting Mortgage Letter
  • Updating Personnel Data
  • Electing RCSBP
  • Receiving Retired Pay Assistance
  • Applying for Retirement
  • Requesting Reserve Income Replacement Plan
  • Receiving ROPMA Board Counseling
  • Submitting ROPMA Promotion Board Letter
  • Requesting TRICARE Reserve Select