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NEWS | Oct. 26, 2020

891st Engineer Battalion trains with Kuwaiti soldiers

By 16th Engineer Brigade

KUWAIT – The 891st Engineer Battalion experienced a remarkable opportunity to train side by side with Kuwait Land Force troops Oct. 4-15.

The Joint Combat Engineer training provided effective combat preparation for each Soldier.

Approximately 30 Soldiers from the Forward Support Company (FSC), Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC), 168th Engineer Construction Company (ECC), and 1023rd Vertical Engineer Company, (EVCC) traveled to the Land Forces Institute in Kuwait to rebuild fighting trenches and provide basic instruction on the proper ways to build fighting position.

The KLF’s fighting positions are based on British doctrine.

With the guidance of British Warrant Officer Class 2 Andrew “Axel” Foley, the 891st Engineer Battalion and Kuwait Land Force troops rebuilt six positions in 10 days.

After decades of use in the harsh environment, the positions were worn down.

Soldiers from both forces began by removing the existing sandbags surrounding the positions, then dug out the sand-filled trenches. The Soldiers replaced the sandbags with fresh ones and coated them with a concrete mix to slow the deterioration from the sun.

“It is a very positive experience; they are very engaging,” said Foley. “It builds a strong partnership between the two nations and it allows them to share their resources and capabilities, so then they can improve and learn from both on the U.S. side and the Kuwait side.”

“Working with the Kuwaitis was a good experience overall. I personally enjoyed it, and we accomplished what we set out to do,” said Sgt. Jeremy Blevins, 891st HHC Engineer Battalion.

Soldiers from Task Force Iron Castle and Task Force Tornado will continue to partner with Kuwaiti Land Force troops for more joint training opportunities throughout the month.