59th Presidential Inauguration Support

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National Guard supports 59th Presidential Inauguration


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Tennessee National Guard supports presidential inauguration
January 20, 2021

Alaska National Guard assist with inauguration in DC
January 20, 2021

Teamwork leads to historic mobilization of Washington Guard
January 19, 2021

National Guard troops head to DC from as far away as Guam
January 17, 2021

Guard's judge advocates brief Soldiers and Airmen in DC
January 17, 2021

PNG mobilizes more members for support at home, in DC
January 17, 2021

National Guard members getting the support they need in DC
January 16, 2021

Historic Air National Guard airlift brings troops to DC
January 16, 2021

Idaho National Guard sends 300 to support inauguration
January 16, 2021

Maryland National Guard in DC to support inauguration
January 16, 2021

Video by Sgt. Tackora Farrington
2021 Presidential Inauguration
Indiana National Guard Headquarters
Jan. 16, 2021 | 1:03
Indiana National Guard will support civil authorities for 2021 Presidential Inauguration. More than 620 members of the Indiana National Guard will travel to the nation's capital to assist civil authorities for the 2021 inauguration. The Hoosier Guardsmen will help protect the sanctity of the democratic process and help ensure the peaceful transition of authority. As citizen-soldiers and citizen-airmen, Guardsmen are uniquely qualified to support civilian authorities and train regularly with civilian agencies.