Army National Guard Leader Development Program

Enhance and support the State's and Territories' capability to develop Army National Guard leader's knowledge, skills, competencies, attributes, and behaviors to produce agile and adaptive leaders at echelon, who are able to operate and succeed in complex and dynamic environments. By creating and providing leader development resources, opportunities, and content in the experiential and self-development realms of professional development, which deliver broadening experience or increased technical and conceptual competency in order to enable Leader Development across the 54 States and Territories.

Strategic Awareness Seminar
The Strategic Awareness Seminar (SAS) provides States a unique training opportunity for their top-tiered ARNG M-day Soldiers to further develop their leadership attributes. Through informational overviews, site visits, and national level viewpoints ANRG Leaders will gain valuable experience and broaden their military understanding. The SAS is designed to provide company level Non-Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers, and Commissioned Officers a strategic perspective of the ARNG mission and organization at a national level. Each seminar falls into one of three different categories: Homeland Defense, Partnerships, or The Warfight. The SAS includes a roles and responsibilities overview of ARNG and national security stakeholders. The overview covers multiple site visits over a 14- day period. Soldiers return to their States with a greater connection to the national security environment and understanding of how the ARNG receives and meets State and National objectives. Some of the locations that participants have visited are FORSCOM, ARCENT, NORAD, CIA, NSA, DHS, DIA, CENTCOM among many more.

"It’s easy to get stuck in your corner in the Guard, you think you know a lot about the Army and then you realize that it's just a drop compared to total capabilities. The Strategic Awareness Seminar really broadened my scope and offered the opportunity to ask questions in these different fields."

MAJ Margret Ziffer

"SAS took a handful of Officers and NCOs and provided exposure to more than most Guard Soldiers would encounter in an entire career. The level of access the group had was astounding."

MAJ Stephen Martin, Kentucky Army National Guard
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